Commercial cleaning protocol of today, designed to only pass visual inspection, used to be considered simply straightening. Touch points are completely ignored yet the CDC reports that 80% of all cross contamination comes from human “Touch Points.”

The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention states that

“Many employers are unaware of the linkages between health and productivity. While employers understand that investing in human capital improves the company bottom line, they are only beginning to understand the impact health has on worker productivity.”

Starting with baseline testing to determine the current bio-burden levels to establish a cleanliness benchmark for each environment, then, we implement the appropriate treatments on all high touch surfaces to keep the spread of microbes controlled. We conclude with a scheduled scientific testing and tracking for efficacy throughout the life of our service.

At Heritage Building Maintenance when we say Science-Proven Microbial Control®, we really mean it. We go the extra mile by using science to show you our system is working. We are committed to making a difference in the health and productivity of our community and the clients we serve.