Maintain Health & Cleanliness

Heritage Building Maintenance can reduce the risk of health-related costs and maintain the integrity of your buildings with science-proven healthy cleaning!

Through our proven, “Science Proven Healthy Cleaning” (SPHC), you can advance to the next step in reducing the spread of disease-causing pathogens. Our SPHC program incorporates a “TEST, TREAT & TRACK” process.24-7-touch-point-protection

Starting with baseline testing to determine the current bio-burden levels to establish a cleanliness benchmark for each environment then, we implement our the appropriate treatments, breaking down and destroying contaminates on all high touch surfaces, keeps the spread of microbes controlled 24-7-365. We conclude with a scheduled scientific testing and tracking for efficacy throughout the life of our service.

For more information or to schedule a baseline testing, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.