SkinGuard24™ – All Day Hand Sanitizer

Like an all-day glove protecting your hands from a broad spectrum of pathogens, including COVID-19

Typical hand sanitizers disinfect only for the moment they are applied. Once you touch an infectious surface, you’re at risk again.

SkinGuard24™ – our all-day sanitizer protects your hands for up to 24-hours or 10 hand washes, against the spread of viruses and microbes. It only takes ONE APPLICATION to know your touch is safe from COVID-19 and other pathogens.

The Heritage Group is committed to your health and wellness, we can provide SkinGuard24™ to all of our clients’ on-site dispensers.

Look for the Heritage SkinGuard24™ dispensers throughout the common areas of your workplace.

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all day hand sanitizer

If you have questions or need to contact a Heritage Group team member to inquire about your supply of SkinGuard24™, click the “Contact Us” tab in the above navigation, or reach out to Joe Johnson, President of The Heritage Group – [email protected], phone: 515-868-0842 (x202)