Our Employment Practices
Heritage Building Maintenance partners with local and regional professionals to administer our benefits, safety, payroll, and risk management. While our partnerships enable us to provide our employees desirable benefits at better costs, be assured that Heritage Building Maintenance maintains all oversight and direction of OUR employees.

  • Professional training
  • Third party background checks
  • Our number one asset, our employees!

Quality Control and Technology
Our inspections vary from unannounced spot checks to formal, real time inspections.  These inspections are done with cutting edge technologies, and any issues we find in the building can be brought to your attention immediately.

We also provide our clients with a private online service portal. With their own custom dashboard, Heritage clients have real-time updates on maintenance and cleaning schedules, testing and inspection results, as well as archived records and direct requests for communication.

Supplies and safety

After reviewing several janitorial supply companies, we believe the companies we have partnered with provide the best product and process for Heritage Building Maintenance and our unique client-base. We look for the following from our partners and suppliers:

  • Support – We have a dedicated team of suppliers and vendors to insure we have what we need, when we need it as well as the relationships needed to offer direct purchase of cleaning supplies not readily available through retail outlets.
  • State of the art technology, equipment, and supplies – It might not seem like there is a lot of change in the cleaning world, but there is! The Heritage Team must continually research best practices and industry innovations to keep on top of the changes and continue our focus on Science-Proven Microbial Control®.
  • Training – Along with development and adherence to our own chemical and equipment best practices, we provide both classroom and job site training.
  • Warehousing – Heritage houses and manages stock within our own operations. We can provide the peace of mind that when a client or project needs something, it will be in stock. This is critically important to us for both regular contract cleaning and emergency or disaster supplies.

The two leading causes for employee turnover are lack of training and lack of a safe work environment. That’s why Heritage Building Maintenance has selected our partners carefully.