The heartbeat of Heritage Building Maintenance is founded in our passionate commitment to seven basic principals:

• Be Caring

Caring about people is the backbone of our organization.  Caring is not just a feeling but it is an action that has its focus on the best interest of others.

• Communicate Honestly

Misunderstandings usually come from a lack of communication. Honest communication incorporated with caring is intended to strengthen our relationships, not force an opinion on someone else.

• Make Our Work Joyful

We want our people to look forward to work and enjoy what they do. We can make our jobs joyful if we approach our work with a deliberate attitude of joy.

• Be Disciplined Learners

The great thing about technology is that it challenges us to find better, more efficient ways to do things. Every day we look for opportunities to learn more and become better at maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the occupants of the buildings we are responsible to clean. We take learning very seriously.

• Treat Our Clients’ Property With Respect

Although we partner with our customers, when we are in their building we are guests and we feel strongly that we should treat our customer’s property with care. If by chance we do experience an accident in an effort to perform our tasks, we make sure to let them know right away and take responsibility for rectifying the situation.

• Strengthen Our Industry By Being Leaders

Doing our job properly has a direct health impact on the occupants of a building. We believe the contract cleaning industry should provide the first level of defense in healthcare. We want to be leaders in the industry by setting a standard of excellence through the development and implementation of new ways to clean for the health and well-being of people first and appearance will take care of itself.

• Stay Humble And Be Grateful

It is so important to be grateful for all of life’s experiences, good or bad, for they all contribute to the development of our character and our efforts to become better people. We are reminded to keep a proper perspective each day when we dawn one of our most essential tools in the successful completion of our work, the toilet bowl brush.

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Building a Heritage of Caring for our Community
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