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Heritage Team Lends a Hand at Meals from the Heartland

By September 26, 2023February 28th, 2024No Comments

The Heritage leadership team joined hands earlier this year to combat hunger by volunteering at Meals from the Heartland, an organization based in Des Moines. The charitable outing was scheduled after a board meeting, setting a tone of altruism and unity among the team members. Donning hair nets, the group spent two hours packaging meals, with each volunteer assembling approximately 540 meals.

“When brainstorming ideas for the board meeting and a group activity, I knew this would resonate with everyone involved. It’s a win-win for our team, our company, and most importantly, our community,” says Millie Fiebelkorn, HR Director at Heritage.

“Participating in Meals from the Heartland was an affirmation of the core family values both our companies stand upon. It was an enriching team-building experience that deepened our connection with the Des Moines community,” adds Dennis Correia, board member and Executive Vice President of Bee-Clean Building Maintenance, the parent company which acquired Heritage last year.  

Meals from the Heartland produces two special meal formulas developed with food sources to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. Packaging a meal costs only $1.50 and includes a nutritious blend of rice, soy protein, vitamins, minerals, and dried vegetables. The meals are distributed globally and domestically, often reaching orphanages and schools where children might only eat once a day.

“For volunteers, the assembly process involves forming a “train” where each volunteer adds a specific ingredient. The final person seals the bags and boxes them, ready to be shipped and turned into hearty meals upon the addition of water,” explains Fiebelkorn.

Heritage has been increasingly active in community service, ranging from annual sponsorship of the Latino Heritage Festival to employee-driven initiatives like resume reviews and foundations for supporting lower-income families.

 “There’s an incomparable sense of unity that comes from volunteering,” adds Greg Theroux, President of Heritage. “When volunteering at Meals from the Heartland and packing meals alongside your teammates, it brings us together through our shared values. It’s about fulfilling a responsibility we all share—to give back to our community.”

Find out more about Meals from the Heartland at their website:


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